Monday, 29 September 2008

Week 6 - Monday

Well, we’re 6 weeks in. Time flies when you’re having fun….

C starts piano lessons. These are the lessons that had been arranged by the Musik Schule Leitung. Luckily it’s in his the hall of his school (rather than another school), at teatime. I take him down, and the teacher is very nice. C takes his old music books from which he was learning last year, and the teacher (whose name, I realise with embarrassment, has escaped me already, drat) also gives him a couple of sheets from another book that appears to be published in English. He doesn’t need me to get any other books at the moment.

C coming home with homework he doesn’t understand and hasn’t asked for explanation from his teacher is becoming a source of immense frustration for me, but we manage to struggle through it and I think it makes sense.

J’s class have had a visit from the dental nurse who, J tells me in a confessional tone, spoke to the class in Schweiz Deutsch, as if this is some kind of horror. So I presume from this that Schweiz Deutsch in the classroom really is frowned upon.

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