Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wednesday 3rd September - lunchtime play

The boys decide they want to get back to school as soon as possible after they’ve finished their lunch and lunchtime homework, for play time. I don’t know if this is OK or not – are there other people to play with that early, or do most people come back in time for 1.25pm ?

I bike back with them one day to see, and they’re right – of course. There are several children in the playground. I’m just not sure if they are supervised.

The Klasse 4 proper rules and homework now start, and J is coming home with 3 or 4 pieces per night, 6-7 on a Friday, and up to 20 pages of a reading book in German each night. This is a bit of a struggle, as I’m trying to get him to do the homework in the kitchen in case he needs any help with it. But it’s difficult for him to concentrate and I find it very frustrating sitting down for so long watching him or being asked questions that I can’t – or shouldn’t answer, when I could be doing something else (like cooking - or blogging).

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