Thursday, 25 September 2008

Monday 1st September - the naughty board...

J has spent some of the weekend doing homework and drawing a nice picture to give to his teacher to get himself off the naughty board (they have to draw a nice colourful picture or sing a song in front of the whole class to get off the board).

He was on it because he had managed to get in the way of some loose gym equipment during sport lesson, which he then tried to prop up, but the teacher thought he was messing about. It wasn’t his fault, he said. But he knows to stay away from loose gym equipment now.

Anyway, he’s in the clear again, for now. He loses his watch after sport and doesn’t realise for a couple of hours, by which time he’s at home. I’m not best pleased with this really, but he manages to get it back from the sportshalle in the afternoon - at least it's not disappeared.

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