Thursday, 25 September 2008

Week 4 Friday - C's latest tumble

Friday sees C lose his grip on the witch’s hat roundabout thing on the playground and fall off at speed, badly ripping the inside of his bottom lip in the process. Add to this a nosebleed and cut finger – and he’s a bit of a mess.

His Friday teacher rings me at 2.40pm and I dash down to school, without phone, purse or key for J (note to self – don’t do that again).

He’s badly shaken - as is his teacher since she’s been the one to clean up most of the blood - and I gather him up to take him …. where ? Hospital ? Nurse ? I haven’t the faintest idea what to do, quite honestly, this is the first time we’ve had an accident here.

His teacher – after explaining to me in English that it’s up to our insurance to pay for any costs incurred by this – recommends that we pay a visit to the Kinder doctor in the village. Luckily this is where we had the boys' tick jabs done earlier in the week, so they know us. On the way out of school I stop by J’s classroom and tell him to go home and wait on the doorstep for us as I’ve not brought a key for him (see note to self above)

We wait for about 20 minutes - I love Swiss healthcare - and the doctor says there’s no point going to hospital as they can’t stitch it where the flesh is torn. But it’s a real mess, and he’s lucky he didn’t lose any teeth. She prescribes some peroxide solution - I think - to clean round the wound after every time he’s eaten, and says he needs a weekend in bed and all his food liquidised.

So I get him home, then, as I hadn’t taken my purse first time round (see note to self – again), have to go out again to get the prescription made up and some soup ingredients. I’m not sure how we go about the prescription thing, but hand over the docket and am given the bottle in return. How to pay ? They take C’s health card and swipe it like a credit/debit card, so the cost goes directly to the health insurance. Whizzy, eh.

Luckily the weather is filthy, so a weekend on the sofa watching telly is all any of us feel like, and by Tuesday the next week he’s much better, poor little lamb.

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