Thursday, 25 September 2008

Week 5

Week 5 begins with a day off for Knabenshiessen, the traditional Zurich shooting competition for boys

But C is still feeling a bit rough so we don’t go and visit. Maybe next year……

Tuesday they are back to school, and C is much improved. He starts to bring home homework that he can’t understand, which is frustrating. We’ve told them both repeatedly that they should ask the teacher if they don’t understand (and J does this happily), but I think C lacks the confidence to do this. I hope this doesn’t go on too long, as I’m really struggling to understand it myself at times ;)

The Director (Leitung) of the Musik Schule rings later in the week with news of the boys’ lessons. He is very charming and repeatedly asks me if I understand throughout the conversation – I think so……

C starts piano on Monday at school. J will have to have guitar lessons on Saturday mornings as they are fully booked during the week, and he will start after autumn half term. I hope it’s going to be early on Saturdays so we can still go skiing for the day in the winter (priorities !!). No matter, the important thing is that they’ve found them spaces. I want them to both join the junior choir too, but J is resisting, so I think I will have to ask for some help from musical friends with that one.

I’m relieved that it’s an uneventful week at last.

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