Thursday, 25 September 2008

Monday 25th August

C had had his assessment during the first week for how much extra German he’ll get – he had come home at one point very pleased, because his teacher had marked him A* for this. Positive reinforcement !

His teacher rings me at lunchtime to let me know that he will get 6 hours extra tuition per week, and she’ll tell him where to go and when. I’m amazed, and delighted. I repeat this back to her several times (!) and there doesn’t seem to be any misunderstanding. Wow.

J is still waiting for his assessment, but this isn’t a problem for us as we have an elternabend scheduled this week so we should be able to talk about it then.

I’ve decided that we need to rethink the homework routine, as it’s a lot of hard physical work scooting back and forth twice a day with the backpacks. So at lunchtimes we do music practise and English reading, writing and spellings from their extra English course at the WAC in Uster.

What this also means is that they can leave the backpacks at school over lunchtime as everything they need for that time slot is in the house.

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