Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Week 22 Aha ! Ich verstehe the handarbeit

It’s a week of handarbeit in our house.

J brings home a lovely little card heart for me, for Valentine’s day. Oh, how sweet.
Then he brings home a folder that he’s made, which is really lovely and very individual – artwork on both covers, inside and out.

Then he brings home another folder that he’s made – the card work on which is really very beautifully done. I’m posting some photos here but I’m not sure the detail is really caught. Hey ho. The spirit was willing even if the photographer was weak.

And then – on Thursday, C brings home the result of his 20 lengths of crochet, and it finally all makes sense. The crochet is the fringe on a really gorgeous scarf. His teacher had already stitched a felt smiling face onto it, and he had to push the crochet lengths through holes that had already been punched, and then tie them. So he’s very proud of his work, and I’m very proud of him. He can’t wait to wear it.
Again, I apologise for being unable to turn these pictures round, so sorry about your cricked neck. I must be missing something very basic - if you know how to "flip" photos on blogger.com please do let me know.....

The other exciting news from this week is that J’s class do a rap workshop with some musicians from the city, with a view to creating a rap about the environment and how we should all look after it - or something like that. If it’s good enough they will record it and maybe post it on youtube…… so now he has stars in his eyes. But he thoroughly enjoys the experience and is looking forward to working more on the project after sportferien.

On the Friday afternoon I suddenly realise that we’re half way through the school year already and am amazed at how much has happened, how much the children have adapted, how quickly they are picking up the language, and how well they are coping. Yes, they have been utterly knackered at various points. Yes, we’ve had tears (all of us, perhaps apart from OH), yes sometimes it has felt completely alien and lonely and sometimes I have missed seeing other mum chums in the morning for a chat and a coffee. But I miss the school run like a hole in the head, I’m more than happy to see the boys off from the front door each morning and afternoon and am thrilled in every respect that I only use the car perhaps twice during the week. We’ve definitely turned a corner, and the fear factor has almost completely disappeared.

Hurrah !

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