Monday, 9 February 2009

Their friends are real !

Thursday sees J have a friend round to play – skateboarding, out in the street.

Saturday sees C have a friend round to play - inside this time as it’s tipping with rain.

A good sign: their friends aren’t imaginary, or made up to reassure me that they are doing OK at school, honest. They are real ! And they come round, all on their own, to play ! It’s just like it was for us in the 1970’s ! But without the inflation and the power cuts, thankfully.


Maartje Niekel said...

Glad to read your boys are making friends. That was one of my biggest worries when we came here.

Regards, Maartje

KT said...

Thanks Maartje, they are doing well. They have suddenly become more sociable with friends from school since Christmas, so long may it continue. I hope your children are finding friends too.