Monday, 9 February 2009

Week 21: Never be late home from the doctor's.......

I am 5 minutes late home from an appointment on the Monday morning and find C home from school for lunch faster than usual, hammering on the front door and in floods of tears. I don’t know how long he had waited- probably only 3-4 minutes but I hadn’t told them that I was going to the Doctor at 11am, as I had assumed that I would be back well before 12.00. C is absolutely howling, and frantic. I am chastened and reminded that the independence they enjoy in walking themselves to and from school comes with a responsibility on my part to always either be there or warn them of a possibility of being late or give them a key - or all three. I feel dreadful, but he calms down eventually and goes back to school for the afternoon in good shape.

(The doctor’s appointment was a somewhat different experience to anything I had had in the UK recently– but here is not the place for recounting my surprisingly and alarmingly thorough checkup with the Frauenartz. I’ll leave that one for a bawdy girls night out sometime.)

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