Saturday, 17 January 2009

Parent - teacher meetings.

Tuesday sees the first of our individual parent – teacher meetings with J’s teacher. She is very very pleased with him and his progress so far – and so are we. In fact J comes with us and that adds an extra dimension to it. In the UK our parent – teacher meetings were just the adults, discussing the children without them being in the room. This time, it is a 3-way discussion. J is very happy to hear all the complimentary things his teacher is saying, and is very encouraged by them. He also can hear for himself what she said rather than relying on our interpretation, so he knows what he still needs to work on.

Thursday sees the first of our parent-teacher meetings with C’s teacher. He doesn’t want to come with us, but that’s OK. She is also very pleased with him, and confirms the things that he still needs to continue to work on. The difference in level of expectation between Grade 4 and Grade 2 is noticeable – and I am again reminded that the level of strictness, punctuality, difficulty and presentation of work etc is an intentional leap between Grades 3 and 4, so we are relieved to have more time to get C adjusted to the system. That said, he’s doing very well, considering his “problems” last year, and we are really very thrilled with how they are both progressing.

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