Saturday, 1 November 2008

Ticks & inoculations

During the holidays we have the second of our tick jabs: the third will be after another 9 months. No side effects this time, fortunately – both OH and I felt really ropey and tired after the first.

We also have the bill for the adult jabs – 2 appointments and 2 jabs for 111 CHF each. I guess there will be a final bill after the final jab. I send these off to the health care company and I’ll let you know if we are repaid (I’ve read somewhere that if you live in Kanton Zurich then you are entitled to the jab free but I’m not certain of this, and it’s not worth not getting inoculated because of the cost.). Not had the bill for the boys yet, if it works differently I’ll post accordingly.

I’m posting up an article about ticks sent to me by an old friend now living in Basle. The information here is Basle related, but the principle is the same.

Incidentally, a couple of weeks ago the school health service had asked for a record of J’s inoculations, so I had sent a photocopy of the relevant page from his UK red book and it’s now returned with the a standard covering letter about which jabs they need to have and a reminder that he needs the third tick jab in 9 months time. As far as I can work out, everything is in ordnung and there are no other diseases we need to be inoculated against here, but I’ll double check with J’s teacher next week at the next besuchermorgen.

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