Tuesday, 26 August 2008

August 2008

The penultimate week of the holidays we receive an equally friendly card from C’s teacher with his weekly timetable and her private contact details. Fortunately this one comes with a key to which letters represent which subjects. He will have 8 sessions – Wednesday and Thursday afternoons off.

OH rings J’s teacher as we can’t remember if they need indoor shoes – they do. She is happy to field questions from us about next week.

English is taught from Grade 2, as it is now officially the second language in Kanton Zurich. They will start French in Grade 5. However, I have decided to enrol them in the English Reading and Writing lessons at the WAC in Uster, to keep up their English learning at the right level for them. I feel this is particularly important as they have both really developed a love of reading since we’ve been here, and they’ve had a good start in English up to now

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