Thursday, 14 July 2011

I have been persuaded to update......

As I write, we have now completed 3 years in Swiss school, and 4 years in Switzerland.

Two years ago I was in two minds about whether to keep up the blog, and in the end left it to stand as it was, partly because I went back to work at very short notice, and simply didn’t have the time to write, and partly because I wondered what benefit there would be to others in keeping it up when it was likely to become both repetitive and dull.

However, on speaking with Margaret Oertig-Davidson (of “Beyond Chocolate” fame, possibly the most useful book we ever read on integrating into Swiss culture) I decided that I would attempt to put down in the ether a summary of the second and third years in the system. Margaret is currently (2011) writing a book about the Swiss schooling system, and a few weeks ago I spoke with her at some length. I was persuaded to update it, and, God willing, I will attempt to update it on a yearly basis. I don’t think there’s any need for more frequent updates than that – the whole original point was to write it up as a record of our increasing integration out of the expat bubble, and to deal with initial integration issues. Anyone who has had enough stamina to read the blog from the beginning (and if you have, I commend you for a prize) will know that there were quite a few of those.

So – bad luck, reader, here I am again. Of course, whether you choose to read is entirely your choice. You’re not my child, and it’s not your homework. Be thankful it’s not auf Schweizerdeutsch ! So, before we start, does anyone fancy a G&T ?

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