Thursday, 11 June 2009

Jokertag / Joker days

OH has had to miss 2 local or bank holidays this year for work / travelling reasons.

We decide that when all the boys’ church stuff is out of the way we’ll go to Ticino camping for a couple of days and take the boys’ Joker Days (they are allowed 2 per year) by tagging them onto the Auffahrt weekend Unfortunately, because of the misunderstanding over the unexpected week off, this means that they are then out of school for 1.5 weeks, which isn’t ideal. The camping is great, as is the weather, but they both seriously struggle with the German, concentrating, and being back in a school environment the following week. And they miss sports day, which had been rescheduled following bad weather on its first proposed day in May.

Note to self: make more of an effort to really understand the Ferienagenda next year : 2.5 weeks off school for spring holiday. 3 weeks in school. 1.5 weeks off again. 3 days in school. Another long weekend (Whitsun / Pfingsten this time). 4 days in school. Weekend. Finally back to normal. This is really disruptive and I’m tearing my hair out.

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